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Proud to be a Musoga (P2BAM) is a campaign to restore pride, unity and development to the once proud and prosperous Basoga people and Busoga region.

Proud to be a Musoga Campaign

This is a campaign started by The Ideas Factory Ltd , a marketing consultancy and events agency registered in Uganda, specialising in ideas generation and implementation in key sectors of tourism, financial services, retail etc.

Proud to be a Musoga is registered in Uganda as a community project and is not for profit.

P2BAM started as an awareness campaign to promote identity and to invoke pride amongst the Basoga. It used a Proud to be a Musoga t-shirt to drive awareness, rallying call and talking point for everyone. Key to the campaign’s success is using social media as the major communication platform. The P2BAM campaign has since developed to promote unity amongst the Basoga, again with a t-shirt design, depicting the current Kyabazinga wa Busoga and closely following and promoting Busoga Kingdom events.

5% of all proceeds of merchandise (after expenses) is collected for the establishment and running of social initiatives in Busoga like health, education etc.

In Uganda for delivery of merchandise (t-shirts, caps, mugs etc.), we operate a delivery system in Kampala, but have an agent in Jinja where one can buy these items from directly. We have just opened up this web-site Proudmusoga.co.ug to enable international clients to directly order, securely pay and be guaranteed delivery in their own country. The campaign has since targeted Basoga in Europe, US, South Africa and the Emirates.

The Ideas Factory Ltd

The Ideas Factory Ltd is a private limited company incorporated in Uganda in 2008.

The Proud to be a Musoga Team

Moses Zikusoka is the Managing Director of The Ideas Factory Ltd and the originator of the Proud to be a Musoga campaign. He is a Marketing specialist with over 20 years professional experience and success in developing and implementing key activities for multinationals and business start-ups in the UK, Europe and in Uganda. He has previously worked for Coca-Cola and Saatchi advertising.

Moses is passionate about trying out new ideas especially in tourism. For the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities (MTWA) and Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), in 2013 he revived Miss Tourism Uganda national pageant with the winner representing Uganda at Miss Tourism International 2013 in Malaysia. Other tourism initiatives included launching the Kampala Food Festival as part of the government’s 50th Independence anniversary celebrations, Fun on the Nile as part of the MTWA / UTB 2011 World Tourism Day 2011 celebrations and Gandhi Day, commemorated at the Source of the Nile, Jinja. Moses has also been a Committee member of Busoga Tourism Initiative (BTI), the pioneering tourism cluster in Uganda which promotes key Busoga tourism sites like Kagulu Hill, Igenge Palace, Source of the Nile, Bishop Hannington Memorial Day, St. Matia Mulumba celebrations, Gandhi Day etc.

Moses is a dual Ugandan-British (Musoga-Brit), the son of the late Reverend Canon Engineer James Zikusoka and the first registered civil engineer in Uganda. The family home is Namungalwe village, Kigulu North, Iganga district, and is from the Baisendhego clan of Busoga. Moses returned to Uganda in 2003 after 25 years in exile, but returned back to London, UK in 2016 for family reasons.

Moses Zikusoka handles all international customer enquiries.

Maggie Babeeyo

Maggie Babeeyo is the Manager of the The Ideas Factory Ltd and Proud to be a Musoga campaign in Uganda.

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